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So that was a hell of a start…haha. No but seriously I haven’t made any progress on here and for this I apologize 😐 . I decided that to help motivate myself I would post something that I have had time for recently. I don’t do it often enough for myself but I do love cooking for others. Ask anyone who I’ve cooked for and they’ll tell you that I love for people to enjoy what I’ve made. I also enjoy really awesome videos on the internet. That being said, I have compiled my 5 favorite YouTube cooking channels, check them out. Some of these are for actually following along, others are pure entertainment ^_^

1. The Rivestautant: I found this channel on Reddit a few days ago and have seen almost all of their videos already. Basically these cool guys who seem to know what they’re doing mash together some simple ingredients and make delicious food. Filmed by two guys in a small kitchen, the two put maple syrup, bacon, avacado, and chipotle seasoning on ALL the things, set it to cool music and chow down. I would eat their food for sure.

2. My Drunk Kitchen: Credit for this find goes to my dear friend Elissa. She showed me this channel about a year ago and I have watched it since. Hannah Hart loves to drink and tries to make some food along the way. The first episode is probably still my favorite as she tries to make Grilled Cheese but without a vital ingredient. She’s a great character and loves to show her weirdness. Her theme song is way catchy too.

3. Cooking With Dog: I’ve enjoyed this channel for many years. The food is traditional Chinese/Japanese food which means I haven’t eaten most of it before. The ‘Dog’ part is only the announcer. Francis sits on the counter next to the chef and “announces” what the chef is doing. In recent videos the translations have become very good. The first few videos used very interesting descriptions such as: “Cut the onion into quarter-moons”. I chose the following video because it shows the many different cooking techniques used in their videos.

4. Vegan Black Metal Chef: This channel shows how awesome food can be despite some limitations on ingredients. The chef makes great vegan food as well as the black metal heard in the background of the video. It’s really interesting to see some of the ways that he prepares non-vegan dishes in a completely vegan way. His use of spears, knives, and swords in the cooking process is also hilarious.

5. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time: I’m not the biggest fan of the other famous “Meal Time” so gladly only the name of this channel is inspired by them. ROSMT is produced by a group of Swedish students who are really funny. Basically they make everything SWEEDISH STYLE which is brutal. The dishes are supposedly traditional Swedish cooking and it looks way delicious despite the umm, questionable, cooking techniques. They say it’s filmed in ‘Swenglish’ which in my opinion makes it better haha. almost everything is made with Mayonnaise. “It’s GOOD for Yooouuuu!”

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Hello World!

I feel like this post is required, haha. Just a little background. The name for the blog comes from a few of the things that I care for in my life: Doctor Who (Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff), Wobble bass (WOB WOB WOB), and the fact that I’ve been called a “scientist” for years by a dear friend of mine. As a side note, this friend is kind of a mix between Nathan Explosion, Old Greg, Link, and Captain Jack Sparrow. I hope for this blog to be a place where I can post about my various projects and other stuff that I’m working on or that I find interesting. The first while of the blog is going to be a little backdating simply because I haven’t really published any of my projects or opinions other than through a few youtube videos. Those will prob still occur, but as a part of this blog instead of standalone. I’m going to try and keep this pretty regular so expect posts often and ask questions if you have them :D!

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